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Kline's is a locally and privately owned bottled water company. We have manufactured and bottled quality purified water since 1963. Serving Central Indiana homes and business for over 40 years. Kline's can guarantee your family and friends prompt service and high quality drinking water at a fair price.

Looking for complete breakroom service in your workplace? Check out our coffee service, water filtration systems, and vending machines too!

Commonly asked Questions:

Are there deposits? Only on the bottles since they're reusable. As mentioned above (and on other pages), there is a deposit and it is completely refundable when the bottles are returned safely (undamaged, etc.).

How much water should I expect to use? A family of four will typically drink 4 - 6 bottles/month. About $29 per month and you've got safe, refreshing drinking water for everyone.

What if I decide soda pop is my beverage of choice and don't want water anymore? Think about it first, then call and end service. We'll pick up your equipment and refund your bottle deposits. We will charge you for any time less than 6 months for equipment services.

How do I start? Call Kline's Quality Water, our numbers are below, and give your name, address, and phone number. We'll add you to our delivery route and a statement reflecting monthly usage will be mailed for your remittance.

Kline's Quality Water

2250 N. Ritter Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46218

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Kline's Quality Water

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1-(317)-353-9444       or       1-(800)-331-3905

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